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Author Wesley Hoang
Created Date 09/02/2023
Last Updated 03/14/2024
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Enoch Chang

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Enoch began his career as a software engineer at companies like Twitch, StockX, and Goldman Sachs.

As a side hustle, he founded an ads agency for local businesses, which he later pivoted into a full-time marketing agency with a primary focus on outbound strategies.

Wesley Hoang

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Wesley also worked as an engineer for companies like Apple, Twitter (X Corp), and Cisco.

While working full-time, he managed a startup and ran his e-commerce business. He later founded an AI automation agency to help businesses grow, which eventually evolved into a marketing agency.

<aside> 🔥 After working with many B2B clients, we recognized that there’s a more important variable than just an influx of leads: REVENUE.


The truth is, leads are important because they generate sales. However, without an established sales process, suffering from a low close rate, a low show-up rate, a poor sales script, etc., the number of leads your company receives becomes irrelevant.

Revenue is still a big fat 0.